If you leave an organization, or are associated with an incorrect or Prospect site, you can remove the association through your blackbaud.com profile. Site administrators have the ability to remove any user through their blackbaud.com profile.

To remove your association or your employee's association with your organization in Blackbaud's records:
  1. Log into blackbaud.com and click my blackbaud to go to your profile.
  2. If the organization to remove or manage does not display at the top of the page, change the default organization to the appropriate site.
  3. Click Manage Roles.
  4. On the Manage Roles screen, click Manage Roles next to the your name to remove.
  5. In the second paragraph at the top of the page, click the Remove association with this organization link. 
  6. Click Submit to the confirmation prompt.
Note: A prospect site has a site ID that starts with a negative (minus) sign and does not allow access to Support resources.  If the correct site ID or Organization name is not listed after removing the association, refer to I need to be associated with a new or additional organization on blackbaud.com.