For information on the time limit for making historical/retrospective tax claims, contact HM Revenue and Customs. Also refer to Time Limit for Repayment Claims on HM Revenue & Customs web site.

    • In Configuration, click General
    • Under 'For tax purposes, your organisation is registered as a', select Trust or Company
    • Run Update Gift Aid Status to ensure gifts ineligible for a tax claim due to the time limit are disqualified

    Note: After completing the steps, any unclaimed gift whose date is outside the time limit allowed for claims by the Revenue will display the following information:
      • On the Tax tab of the gift, the Gift Aid Qualification Status will be set to 'Not Qualified for Gift Aid' and 'Gift is not eligible for tax claim' appears in place of the Tax Claim Amount and Claim Number fields.
      • Under Show Details, the Gift Aid Disqualification Rules applicable for this gift are as follows:

        Rule Based On: Regulatory Time Limit for Tax Claim

        Applicable Value: Time Limit has expired for claiming tax

        Exceptions? Not Allowed