Follow this 2-step process: 
    1. Set up the address in Configuration
    2. Add the address to the payment type in Banks.
    1. Set up the address in Configuration:
    1. Click Configuration on the navigation bar
    2. Click Address.
    3. Select an address and ensure the information is correct or enter a new address.
    2. Add the address to the payment type in Banks:
    1. Click Banks on the navigation bar and select the appropriate bank
    2. Click Edit Account Details
    3. Select the Payments tab
    4. Highlight the check type being paid with blank paper stock (i.e., computer check, manual check, etc.). With the payment type highlighted, in the Accounts Payable Computer Check options frame, select the correct Blank Paper check and click Edit Payment Options
    5. Highlight Check format in the left frame
    6. In the Address frame, mark the Include checkbox and select the address created or edited in part I
    7. Select to include the address on the Check Only, Stub only, or check and stub, click OK
    8. Click OK to save the payment options
    9. Click Save and Close to save the bank options
    10. Print the checks