1. Create a constituent query of donors which you want to see
    2. In Reports> Analytical Reports, open the Consecutive Years report
    3. On the General tab, include the query created in step one
    4. Mark the Create Output Query checkbox
    5. On the Format tab, highlight Detail, and set the minimum number of years to the maximum number in the year range.
      • For example, if I want to find donors who gave consecutively between 5-9 years, enter 9 for the maximum year
    6. Run the report and name the output query when prompted
    7. Merge the two queries:
      1. Select the query created in step 1 as the Primary query
      2. Select the Output Query as the Secondary query
      3. Select the SUB operator
      4. Click OK to merge the queries
    8. Run a new Consecutive Years report using the merged query with the minimum years set as the lowest of the range
      • For example, if the range is 5-9 years, select 5 as the minimum number of years
    9. The finished report will give the selected group of donors who have given between 5-9 years