You may define the post date for a not yet posted check before printing the check or after printing the check.

Before the check has been printed:

1. Select Banks from the navigation bar in Accounts Payable
2. Select Print Checks and record bank drafts under Payment Tasks
3. Under Payment Run, select Post date drop down and select Specific Date
4. Enter Specific date for post date


After the check has been Printed:

1. Select Banks from navigation bar in AP
2. Select to Open Register under General Tasks
3. Locate desired check and double click to open check record
4. At bottom of check record, in post status/date field select drop down and choose Specific Date.
5. Enter desired date and save changes

Note: Entering or editing a post date does not post the transactions.  This must be completed before the transaction will have a status of Posted.  Please refer to BB51849 for more information on posting.