Add the credit to a record by either adding it directly to the record (such as student record), or by adding it in Records - Credits:
    • Open Records
      1. Click Credits
      • Click Add a New Credit


      - OR -

      • Click the appropriate record type - Students, Individuals, or Organizations


      • Select the Activity tab
      • Click the down arrow next to New Charge and select New Credit
      • Select the Student Name in the Credit for field
      • Enter a Transaction date, Post status and date
      • Select the appropriate Category and Product/Description
      • Enter the remaining relevant information such as Amount, Comments, and Print status
      • Select the GL Distribution tab complete the GL distribution for the credit
      • Select the Applied to... tab and apply to charges if appropriate
      • Select the Attributes/Notes and add any appropriate attributes or notes
      • Click Save and Close
      Note: You can enter a new credit by Record ID or SSN/CFDA # instead, but you can enter data only in the left column. To move a column to the left, drag the column heading to the left until a red insertion mark appears in front of the left column. When you release your mouse button, the moved column appears on the left side of the grid.