Head of Household functionality is only used when both constituents are pulled in the query or in the mailing parameters.  If only one of the constituents meets the parameters of the query or mailing, this is the one selected regardless of what is selected for the Head of Household processing.

For example, Mike and Barb are linked on the Spouse tab, and Barb is marked as the Head of Household.

If you run a query and:
  • Mike meets the query parameters but Barb doesn't, Mike is mailed to.
  • Barb meets the query parameters but Mike doesn't, Barb is mailed to.
  • Both Mike and Barb meet the query parameters, the program mails to the option selected on the mail parameters (i.e. if mail to Head of Household only is selected, Barb would be included)
For more information, refer to How to specify how mailings are sent to married couples (Head of Household processing).