To upload a video:

  1. Create a Documents part.
  2. Add the part to a page.
  3. Upload the video file as a document.
  4. Once the video file is uploaded, open it through the document part.
  5. Copy the URL from the browser's address field into Notepad.
  6. Using the URL in Notepad, create a Frame part that references that URL.
  7. Include the frame part on the page. This frame will contain the video file.

To add an embedded video that is hosted on another site (i.e. YouTube):

  1. Create an Unformatted Text part.
  2. View the video on YouTube, etc. and copy the embed code provided on the video page.
  3. Paste the embed code from the host's site into the HTML of the Unformatted Text part.
  4. Save and close the Unformatted Text part and view the page to test out your video.

If you have the NetCommunity Spark subscription without any add-ons, you won't have access to the Documents part or the Files area under Site explorer. In this case, we recommend finding a 3rd party file hosting solution such as Dropbox or Google Drive to store your media. Any videos hosted externally like this must be embedded using the second method listed above.


  • It is also necessary to use an externally hosted video if the file is larger than 10MB. Blackbaud NetCommunity does not allow files larger that 10MB to be uploaded to the Documents part.
  • By default, the maximum size of files permitted for uploads is 4 MB. This file size restriction can be increased to 10 MB, if needed.
  • Blackbaud cannot guarantee or support the functionality of any externally hosted files.