The release announcements that display on Subscriptions are based on the products* your organization has.

There are typically two reasons you don't have the option to subscribe to a particular release announcement for software your organization has: 

  1. Your profile is associated with a prospect organization 
  2. Your profile is associated with multiple sites with different products

Try each of the following steps:

  1. Within your profile, verify the correct email address is listed.
  2. Verify your correct organization is listed as your default organization. If it is incorrect, click Remove Organization Association in the second paragraph at the top of the page.
  3. Click Email Subscriptions in the About me section. Mark the checkbox beside any release announcement to which you wish to subscribe, and then click Submit.
*Note: If you have Blackbaud Hosting Services, your organization's primary contacts will automatically be notified, so you will not see any option to subscribe to the hosting update within your profile. If you have Blackbaud Learn, all contacts for your Blackbaud Learn product will automatically receive Blackbaud Learn notifications, so you will not see an option to subscribe to Learn in your profile.