1. In General Ledger Processing, select Generate AR Transactions for Grant Expenses
  2. On the General Tab, select the type of transactions to generate:
  3. Define a Due date for the transaction
    • Based on each client's terms.  This option looks at the defined terms defined on each client record.  If a client record does not have a term defined, the transaction will not be created
    • Based on configuration terms. This option allows you to select any available term in configuration
    • Specific date. This option allows you to define a specific due date for all transactions
  4. If appropriate, mark the box to Include encumbrance transactions or Include activity for funded Projects
  5. Select the Filters tab and filter on the records to include in the processing. Choose All, Selected, or None for each filter
  6. Select the Format tab to define the appropriate Charge/Line item or Invoice formatting options
  7. Click View Transactions to view the available transactions
  8. Mark the Generate? box for the transactions to generate
  9. Click Pre-Generation Report to review the transactions that will be generated before actually generating them
  10. When ready to generate the transactions, click Generate Now
  11. Check the Activity tab on the grant record to see what transactions were generated. For detailed information, run the Grant Analysis Report. If the items are still missing, go to AR and make sure they are posted.