Note: Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup solution.

  1. Important notes
    • With the Enroll Applications Wizard, you can create enrollments from existing applications and prepare student records for scheduling.
    • Student records are automatically created from applicant records when you run Enroll Applications.
    • Using the Enroll Applications Wizard, you might also enroll a student who had to reapply after withdrawing from the school.
    • With the Enroll Applications wizard, you can also:
      • Update applicants' status information
      • Create the student view of applicant records
      • Update the Current grade field
      • Define the relationship types to receive reports cards
      • Delete tracks
      • Delete checklist items
      • Create enrollments from applications
      • Add an action
      • Copy attributes from the applicant view of the record to the student view of the record, enter values for required student attributes, and add additional student attributes
    • The only way to undo Enroll Applications processing is to restore to a backup. To preview changes before making them, click Preprocessing Report before you click Run Now.
  2. How to run Enroll Applications
    1. In Administration, click Status Wizards
      Note: You can also create and run the Enroll Applications wizard in Records - Applicants by clicking the Enroll Applications link.
    2. Highlight Enroll Applications and click New. 
    3. The General tab
      1. In the From school field, select the school associated with the applications to enroll.
      2. You can select a status, status date, and status reason for the application records you are enrolling.
      3. In the Academic year field, select the year in which to enroll the applicants as students.
      4. To update the ID prefix for the students you are enrolling, mark the Change applicant ID prefix to student ID prefix checkbox.
      5. You can also mark the following checkboxes: Create exception query, Create query of students with changes, and Print a control report.
      6. Click Next. 
    4. The Additional Information tab
      1. In the Date enrolled from field, enter the date the student will be enrolled in the school.
      2. In the Class of field, enter the expected graduation year.
      3. In the Board type field, select the type of boarding the student will need.
      4. In the Advisor field, select the student's advisor.
      5. In the Set degree information to field, select how to declare degree information on the records created:
        • If you select Values from applicant record, degrees sought and majors of interest recorded on applicant records are added to the student records. If this information does not exist on an applicant record, no degree information is entered for the student. In the Declared on fields, enter the appropriate date.
        • If you select specific value, select options in the Degree and Major fields. In the Declared on fields, enter the appropriate date.
      6. To specify what relation receives a student's report card, mark the Set relationships to receive report cards checkbox and enter the relationship type. You can also mark the Consider only relations that live with the student checkbox.
      7. To set a relationship to show on the student's transcript, mark Set first relationship to show on transcript. You can also mark the Consider only relations that live with the student checkbox.
      8. Click Next.
    5. The Checklist/Action tab
      1. In the Delete frame, you can mark the Tracks or Checklist items checkboxes to delete specified tracks and checklist items associated with the application.
      2. In the Add frame, you can mark the Action checkbox to add specified actions to the student.
      3. Click Next.
    6. The Attributes tab
      1. In the first grid, select attributes to copy from the applicant view of the record to the student view of the record.
        Note: For an applicant attribute to copy to the student side of the record in Registrar's Office and Student Billing, the attribute must also be defined as a student attribute in Configuration in Registrar's Office and Student Billing.
      2. In the Please provide values for the Registrar's Office student required attributes and Please provide values for the Student Billing student required attributes grids, you enter values for required student attributes. You can also add additional attributes to student records by selecting attributes in the Attribute Type column.
      3. Click Next.
    7. The Filters tab
      1. In the Filters grid, you can filter the applicant information you want to process. For example, you can enroll one applicant or a group of applicants.
      2. To view a list of records included in the update, click Preview Included Records. On the Records to Include screen, you can deselect records you do not want to include.
      3. Click Preprocessing Report to preview a report of changes to records before running the wizard
      4. Click Run Now.
      5. Name and save the parameter set.
      6. When the wizard is complete, a control report appears. After reviewing the report, click the red X to return to the Enroll Application wizard.
      7. Click Save and Close on the action bar.