Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Set up the option to show deleted and voided transactions.
  2. Create a new post parameter
  3. Open the transaction that was deleted or voided
    Note: If the transaction does not show in banks or on the Activity tab, the original transaction was not posted when it was deleted or voided. Not yet posted activity is completely removed from the database once deleted and reversing transactions will not post to General Ledger.
  4. At the bottom of the transaction, check the reversal post status to verify the reversal has posted:
  5. If the post status is posted, verify that the reversal post date falls with in the date range for which the report is being run in General Ledger.
  6. If reversal is already posted, and the report is being run for the correct date range to include the reversal, make sure the Journal Reference is set up to show that it is a reversal in the Reference field:
    1.  Open Configuration and select the General Ledger tab.
    2. Mark the the Use this text [  ] to represent reversing transactions posted to General Ledger checkbox.
    3. Enter a word in the text box to represent reversing transactions so that it is  apparent that it was a reversing transaction when viewing the Reference field on report.  For example, enter REVERSE.
    4. Repeat for all subledgers
      Note: Changes to the journal reference will only affect transactions posted from this point forward.
  7. If the Use this text [  ] to represent reversing transactions posted to General Ledger was not marked, the journal reference of the reversing entries will not reflect that the transaction is a reversal. Use the reversing post dates and accounts to find the transaction in General Ledger.