Participant attributes can be added to an Event Registration form.  The participant attribute should have the following characteristics:

  • One-per-record attributes with a type of Date, Text, Currency, Number and Yes/No can be used in Blackbaud NetCommunity.
  • Table type attributes are available without being marked as one-per-record.
  • Fuzzy Date and Constituent Name type attributes are not available in Blackbaud NetCommunity.  
To add a participant attribute to an Event Registration form:
  1. Create a participant attribute in The Raiser's Edge.
  2. Reload Code Tables in Blackbaud NetCommunity. You may need to do this more than once.
  3. Click on Administration > Sites & Settings
  4. Mark the  checkbox for the new participant attribute in the Attributes section
  5. Click the Save button at the top of the page
  6. Click on Site Explorer > Parts
  7. Click the pencil icon to edit the event registration form part.
  8. Add the participant attribute to the form: 
    a.  If you are using the Event Registration form (classic),  scroll down to the section called "Attributes" and insure that the attributes you created have a checkmark next to them to enable. 
    b.  If you are using the Event Registration Form, click edit for the event that you would like to add participant attributes to. Under Registrant Options click the arrow for the pricing option that you would like to add the attributes. Mark the attributes under the section labeled Participant attribute options. Click Save.
  9. Save the Event Registration form.

    Note: When using the Event Registration Form (Classic), participant attributes are universal to the pricing options for the Event.  In the Event Registration Form you can select different participant options for each of the pricing options separately.