Ranks are not automatically calculated. You must run the rank calculation (BB186009) for the desired marking column and academic year.

If the student is still missing, try these steps:

Run the appropriate GPA calculation:
  1. In Grades> select the Run Calculations tab.
  2. Run the GPA calculation (BB133576) that is specified for the students missing in the rank calculation.
  3. Run the rank calculation (BB186009)
Ensure the rank calculation is based on the corresponding GPA Calculation:
  1. In Configuration> Registrar Setup> highlight Rank Calculations, and then open the rank calculation.
  2. Select the corresponding GPA calculation in the GPA calculation to use drop-down. 
  3. Run the rank calculations (BB186009)
Ensure the student's status is included in when entering grading and attendance information:
  1. In Configuration>Business Rules>highlight General.
  2. Mark the student's status in the Include the following statuses when entering grades or attendance field.
  3. Run the rank calculations (BB186009).