The National Do Not Call Screening service identifies constituents who have elected to have their telephone number(s) placed in the National Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. This list is maintained by the National Do Not Call Registry of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Companies are prohibited from making calls to sell goods or services to any numbers listed, and if they fail to maintain do not call compliance, they're fined. Political organizations, charities/non-profits, survey companies and businesses with whom a consumer has a pre-existing relationship with are exempt from do not call compliance, although they still have to comply with some rules. Once the customer's registration takes effect about three months after they apply, organizations can call to ask you to take a survey or make a donation but cannot attempt to sell you anything. DNC data is not flagged by the PhoneFinder service. Note: If your organization uses a third-party telemarketing firm to make calls on your behalf, that firm is not exempt from the DNC requirements and must adhere to National Do Not Call restrictions or be subject to fines.

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