You can define the requirements in Configuration, Registrar Setup for:
  • Degrees
  • Majors
  • Minors
  • Concentrations
  • Options
On the Requirements tab of student records, you can declare degrees, majors, minors, concentrations, and options for students. The requirements for the declared degree, major, minor, concentration, or option are then visible on the Requirements tab and you can review the progress a student is making on the requirements.

The Requirements Audit Report can also be run to review a student's progress.  

If using NetClassroom, parents and students can review progress on requirements. For more information, see the Administration Guide for NetClassroom 7 (PDF).

Using Faculty Access for the Web, advisors and administrators can review
progress on requirements and also approve a student's declarations. For more information, see the Administration Guide for Faculty Access for the Web 7 (PDF).

For more information on Degree Audits Business Rules refer to How to define Degree Audits Business Rules