Note: This solution contains troubleshooting steps that pertain to all export types. We also recommend you try searching Knowledgebase for information about your specific export type. For example, if gifts are missing from an export, first search for 'Gifts are missing from an export'.

Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. If using a query, ensure the correct records are included in the query results. If the correct records are not included, edit the query criteria so the correct records are included.
  2. If spouses with hard credits of their own are missing, mark to Export both constituents separately on the General tab of the export
  3. If a specific field is missing, check the Output tab of the export to ensure all the appropriate fields are selected.
  4. If appropriate, ensure the export does not include filters that will exclude records.
  5. If exporting to an older version of Excel, do one of the following:
    • Split the export into two or more files by selecting queries that include segments of the whole group that needs to be exported. For example, if exporting constituents, create one query of constituents with last names beginning with A through M and another query filtering on constituents with last names beginning with M through Z.
    • Export in CSV format.
    • Use Quick Letters for the export if you are creating a mailing.
    • Ensure you are opening the correct export file. Try exporting the file directly to the desktop and opening it there to ensure the correct file is opened.
    • Recreate the query selected on the General tab of the export.
    • Recreate the export.
    • Ensure the server and workstation meet or exceed the system requirements.
    • Disable any screen saver on the server. Most new monitors do not suffer from the burned in screen images that older monitors did.