1. Log into Faculty Access for the Web
  2. Select Add class announcements from the Gradebook menu.
  3. Select the class you wish to add an announcement for in the Class menu. 
  4. To filter which announcements show in this list, select a date range in the Show announcements displaying drop down menu.
    Note: This option is a way to limit the announcements showing on the Class announcements page in FAWeb and only affects which announcements show here.  It does not affect which announcements show in NetClassroom.
  5. In the Start display on column, enter the first day to display the announcement.  If you enter an announcement to start appearing on the current date, it appears as soon as you save.
  6. In the End display on column, enter the last date to display the announcement. The announcement stops appearing the day after the date you enter.
  7. In the Name column, enter the name of the announcement. For example, enter 'Field Trip Info'.
  8. In the Announcement column, enter the message to appear
    Note: Starting in FAWeb version 7.83, teachers are able to add HTML formatting to announcements.  To add this, click the box to the left of the Start date for the announcement to highlight the line, then click Edit announcement
  9. To save the announcement, click Save

Note: Starting with FAWeb version 7.83, you can add an announcement to multiple classes at one time by clicking Add shared announcement from the action bar on the Announcements page.

Note: Class announcements will appear in the Class Announcements section on the NetClassroom homepage once the academic year and term begin. Before the term begins, users can view Class Announcements by selecting Class Details.

Note: Class announcements can only be added for classes that have grading information defined on the course record in Registrar's Office.