In Mail, open the merge letter experiencing the issue.  
    1. Select Edit, Select All then Edit, Copy to copy the contents of the letter.
    2. Click Save and return to RE7. 
    3. On the Create merge documents screen, click New Document to begin recreating the problem merge document. 
    4. On the Conditional Merge Document screen in the this value drop-down, select the appropriate value for the letter you are recreating. 
    5. In the Document description field, enter a description for the merge document. 
    6. Click Edit merge document. Microsoft Word opens. 
    7. Select Edit, Paste to paste the text of the original letter into the new letter. 
    8. Delete each merge field and replace it by selecting the appropriate field from the Insert Raiser's Edge field menu. 
    9. Click Save and return to RE7. 
    10. On the Conditional Merge Document screen, click OK. 
    11. On the Create merge document screen, highlight the original letter and click Delete. 
    12. Repeat these steps for each letter experiencing the issue. 
    13. Click Finish in the Word merge wizard to complete the merge process and save the changes.