Instructions for using the Finder services, including AddressAccelerator, are listed below.  The first four services listed below should be completed in that order.  All other Finder services can be run in any order after the first four. 

For example, if you purchased AddressFinder, PeopleFinder, PhoneFinder, and CountyFinder, you would first complete the PeopleFinder service. Second, complete the AddressFinder service. After that, you can run the PhoneFinder and CountyFinder services in any order.  If you purchase only PhoneFinder and CountyFinder, you can complete them in any order.


  • A completed service means that you complete the entire process for one Finder before beginning the next: submit your data, wait for results from Blackbaud, and update your database.
  • All other users must be exited and signed out while AddressFinder updates, but please feel free to work within The Raiser's Edge while updating with our other Finder services.

Finder service order: 
  1.  PeopleFinder
  2. AddressFinder
  3. AddressAccelerator may be run before or after AddressFinder, depending on how you want to format the addresses. For more information, refer to Should AddressAccelerator be run before or after AddressFinder?
  4. DeceasedRecordFinder

    The remaining services may be run in any order after you have completed the ones you purchased from the list above: