1. Ensure you have the downloaded FE 7.70 (or higher) Install folder or installation CD. If using a CD, copy the 'Install' folder from the CD to the local machine you need to install SQL Server on. If you do not have either, download the latest update
  2. Download the Install MSDE.bat for the MSDE version or the Install_SQLExpress.bat file for the SQL Express version.
    Note: If using version 6 modules along with The Financial Edge, be sure to use MSDE instead of SQLExpress.
  3. When prompted, unzip the files into the Blackbaud SQL Server Verification directory of the Install folder. For example: C:\Install\ISSetupPrerequisites\Blackbaud SQL Server Verification
  4. Run the .bat file

  1. Go to Start, Run
  2. Browse to the Financial Edge Installation folder
  3. Select the SQL Express setup.exe in ISSetupPrerequisites\Blackbaud SQL Server Verification of the Installation folder
    For example, C:\Install\ISSetupPrerequisites\Blackbaud SQL Server Verification\Setup.exe
  4. Once you have browsed to the this location in the run line add the following switches to the end of the line
  5. Click OK and follow the prompts to install SQL Express
    Note: This method can only be used to install Express (SQL Server 2005), so should not be used if you use version 6 modules along with The Financial Edge.