To correct, do one of the following:

Turn off the business rule:
1. In Configuration, click Business Rules. In version 7.75 or lower, highlight Course Request. In versions higher than 7.75, highlight Registration.
2. Under the section for Check for the following exceptions when entering requests, unmark the Has Already Requested Course this Year checkbox
3. In Scheduling, click Edit Student Schedule
4. Select the correct term and add the Request for the course

Delete the request:
1. Delete the existing requests for the course
2. Enter the new requests for the correct term and then schedule into a section

Change the Course Restrictions:
1. Open the Course Record
2. Click on the Restrictions 1 Tab
3. Mark the 'Course can be requested multiple times' checkbox
4. On the Grading tab, make sure the course can be take for credit multiple times (if applicable)
5. Save the course record
6. Add the student to the other section of the course