1. Create a Constituent query
  2. On the Criteria tab, select:
    Summary Information*, Summary for gift, Total Gift Amount greater than 0
        On the Filters tab, select:
        Gift Information, Gift Date between [date range]
        AND Gift Information, Gift Type one of [types]
  3. Save the query
  4. Create a Constituent export
  5. On the General tab, include the query created in steps 1-3
  6. On the Output tab select:
    Constituent Information > Name
    Summary Information > Gifts > Total Number of Gifts
         On the General tab, select the same date range as the query
         On the Gift Types tab, select the same gift types as the query
    Summary Information,Gifts, Total Gift Amount
  7. Optionally, add additional fields to the Export such as those for a mailing list.
  8. Click Export Now.

    * For more information on selecting and filtering Summary Information fields in query, refer to How to use Summary Information query filters.