• Open the report or mailing parameters.
    • On the Format tab, Select Name Formats.
    • Select the appropriate format for each option:

      • Use:

        If you select Record, in the Use field, select the format to use as defined on the student/faculty/staff/relationship record
        If you select Configuration, in the Use field, select one of the formats defined in Configuration
      • If not present...Select addressee/salutation from:

        Select a second name format for situations where the first selection is not present on student or relationship records. For example, if you select to use the Primary salutation, and you have students without a defined Primary salutation on the Addressees/Salutations tab, the second name format is used.
        Note: If you select Full name or Configuration in the Use field, this field is disabled.
      • Repeat for each applicable record type.
      • Click Preview.