To delete the invoice:
  1. Generate the invoice.
  2. Select the Activity tab of the Client.
  3. Highlight the generated invoice and click Delete
    Note: if the invoice has been posted a prompt will appear for a reversal post date to be entered
To regenerate recurring invoices:
  1.  In Records, Recurring Invoices, click Generate Recurring Invoices.
  2. On the Generate Recurring Invoices screen, click Generate for... and select the appropriate filter option.
  3. Enter a date in the Generate invoices due on or before field.
  4. Select a post status and post date.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Mark the Generate? checkbox for each invoices to generate.
  7. Click Generate Now.

Note:  To regenerate the invoice for the original period, make sure to go to the  invoice schedule tab, click the Schedule button and reset the Starting on date to include the date we need to regenerate the invoice on.