Restrictions you set on the Restrictions 2 tab are specific to academic years and sessions. You define information about how to schedule the course, such as the length in terms and start terms and whether to allow partial requests. You also determine whether courses are restricted by pattern or by meeting.
  1. In Records> Courses, open the appropriate course, and select the Restrictions 2 tab.
  2. Open the appropriate academic year/session record.
  3. In the Length in terms field, enter the number of terms the course spans.
  4. Mark the checkbox for the terms in which the course can start.
    Note: Do not select all terms in the Start in Term(s) box unless classes of the course can actually begin in all terms (for example, a one-term elective). If classes start in Quarter 1 and last through Quarter 4, mark Quarter 1 as the only start term.
  5. If students may request only one term of a multi-term course, mark the Allow partial requests checkbox.
  6. If you want to record attendance for classes of the course, confirm the Track class attendance checkbox is marked.
  7. In the lower frame of the tab, verify the scheduling information is set up correctly so Generate Master Schedule can produce the expected results

    Restrictions 2 Tab