1. In Admissions Office or Registrars Office, select Export and open a new export
  2. Select the type of export you want to create
  3. In the Export format field, select Blackbaud Simple Word Merge and click Create Now
  4. On the Filters tab, select criteria to determine which records to include in the export
  5. On the Output tab, add fields from the Available Fields box to the Output box. These will be the merge fields in your document. For example, add the Student name and the Address, City, State/Province, and ZIP/Postal code fields.
  6. On the export toolbar, click Edit word merge file

    Edit word merge file
  7. Word opens to a blank merge document. Notice the options in the action bar: Insert Blackbaud Student Information System field, Insert Word Field, and Save and Return to SIS7 to Merge:
  8. Type the body of the letter. To insert a merge field, click Insert Blackbaud Student Information System field and select from the list. For example, to insert the student's name, click Insert Blackbaud Student Information System Field, and select the Student name field.
  9. Repeat these steps to continue placing the merge fields in the document
  10. To save the document and return to Export to continue the merge process, click Save and return to SIS7 to Merge
  11. To make further changes to merge document in Word, click Edit merge document from the export
  12. Click Merge Now
  13. When prompted, enter the name and browse to the location where the final documents will be created
  14. Click Save. When the export completes, a screen appears displaying the number of rows exported.
  15. Click OK to return to the export.
  16. To save the export, click Save and Close on the toolbar.