I need to change the cash flow code of an account

You can assign or change the cash flow code of an account
  1. In Records, click Accounts.
  2. Open the Account that you want to change the cash flow code.
  3. On the account record, specify the appropriate designation in the field Cash Flow.  
Related information: 
  • Assets are typically Investing activities (except for Cash and Cash Equivalents as defined by FASB rules)
  • Liabilities and Fund Balance are typically Financing activities. Fund Balance accounts must be assigned cash flow codes even though the majority (or even all) of their activity will flow from the Revenue and Expense accounts that close into them. Any activity journalized directly to the Fund Balance or other equity account is typically classified as a Financing Activity.
  • Income Statement Accounts are typically Operating activities
Note: The above are generalizations based on textbook definitions. Consult your accounting professional for handling specific accounts and/or transactions.  Income Statement accounts can not be given a Cash Flow code.


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