To match the Gift Detail and Summary report totals with the Amount Received and the Total Committed fields on the Fund Summary dashboard, the report and dashboard must be set up the same ("apples to apples"). Review the following to see where possible differences lie in each:

Set up the Gift Detail & Summary report for Fund Summary:
  • Mark Summary on the General tab
  • Mark Summarize by Fund on Format tab > Details

Review the Dashboard and the Report are set up with the same settings (If a setting is not mentioned here, don't add it or set it in the Report. No query is used on the Report.)
 Report Dashboard
DatesOn General tab, set date to same as one available on Dashboard settings.Set dates as one of following:
This Week
Last Week
This Month
Last Month
This Quarter
Last Quarter
This Calendar Year
Last Calendar Year
This Fiscal Year
Last Fiscal year
Include all dates
Soft CreditsSet to donor on the General tabn/a
Matching GiftsSet to donor or company on the General tabn/a
Include deceased / No valid address/ InactiveMark all on the General tabn/a
FundsSet funds on Filters tabSelect funds in Dashboard properties

Once the initial settings are confirmed, review the following table regarding how the report and the dashboard handle different gift types. (Note: For details on what gift types are used to calculate Amount Received and Total Committed on the dashboard, refer to What is the difference between the Amount Received, Variance, and Total Committed columns on the Appeal, Fund, or Campaign Summary in Dashboard?.)

Fund Summary Dashboard Gift TypeGift Detail and Summary Report Gift Type
Pledge 1Pledge 2
Matching Gift Pledge 1MG Pledge 2

Stock/Property (Sold)


Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)

MG Pay-Stock/Property

MG Pay-Stock/Property (Sold)


Pledge PaymentsPay-Cash
Matching Gift Pledge PaymentsMG Pay-Cash
Recurring Gifts3Recurring Gifts
Recurring Gift PaymentsRecurring Gift Pay-Cash

1 The pledge balances and matching gift pledge balances consider all adjustments and write-offs. These Gift Types are both calculated as Balances (See Footnote 2 - the Pledge Gift Types are calculated with the Gift Balance based on date range, campaign, fund, and appeal.
2 To show equivalent gift information, include write-offs and mark Use Gift Balance instead of Gift Amount and Calculate Gift Balance based on date range, campaign, fund and appeal.
3 Recurring gift amount reflects the amount of the last amendment.