The Statements and Payers utility gives you the option to refresh your database to clean up and statement and payer tab issues.  You determine the query of students that need to be changed, whether or not to clear what is currently on the payer and/or statement tabs and what relationships should be payers. This utility will also mark the "Pays bills" box on the Relationship tab of the student record.

  1. Select Plug-ins, Select Miscellaneous, and select Statements and Payers utility
  2. Create a query of records.  You can query by grade, by certain statuses, or various other options.  
  3. Under update: You can determine if you just want to update the payers tab, statements tab, or both. If only one is chosen, it will gray out the other options choices.
  4. If you select the Clear existing entries on the payers tab, it will clear anything that currently is on the payers tab for the records in the query.
  5. Under mark the following relationships as payers, determine what relationships will become the payer on the record.

    Note:If the student record has multiple relationships that are defined in the Mark the following relationships as payers grid, it will distribute the payers tab between however many records fit the criteria.

    Ex. If a student has a mother and a father listed as a relationship and Mother and Father are selected as criteria to 'Mark these relationships as payers', it will split the payers tab 50% and 50% to the mother and father.
  6. Under 'Mark these relationships as statement recipients', you can choose what relationships receive statements. The options are the same as payer, and whatever relationships are listed in the criteria that match the student record in the query will pull them onto the statements tab on the student record.