To add Historical Course Names:
  1. In Records, click Courses.
  2. Open course record.
  3. Select the Grading tab.
  4. Open the appropriate Academic Year that needs to have the historic course name.
  5. Below Academic year near the top, enter the Historical Course Name (What the course use to be called during this year). This needs to be done for all the other historic year.
In Report Cards and Transcripts, when the Historical Course name is selected, the system will use the Academic year/session on the student course record to find the appropriate value to display.

To show historical course name on Report Cards and Transcripts:

  1. In Mail, Forms, select Report Cards and Transcripts.
  2. Open the Report Card or Transcript.
  3. Select the details tab.
  4. Open the Course section and select the Columns tab.
  5. Add a column for the Historical Course Name.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. Print/Preview the report card or transcript.