You can create a new GPA calculation or use an existing GPA calculation:
  1. In Configuration, select Business Rules, then select Degree Audits.
  2. Select a GPA calculation to use when displaying requirements.

    Note: This tells the program which GPA to display.
If you run the GPA calculation as described below, this GPA will be the one that displays on the Requirements tab.
  1. In Grades, select Run calculations.
  2. Select the existing GPA calculation.
  3. Mark 'Run calculations for Degrees'.
  4. Run the calculation.
  5. The Degree GPA will appear on the Requirements tab.
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Note: The GPA that appears on the Requirements tab may not include the same courses as the regular GPA.  Therefore, it may not match the GPA because it will only include grades from courses that are included in a Degree Requirement. The regular GPA will include all courses.