Security group settings in The Raiser's Edge can set up restrictions to limit the scope of information which can be viewed, added and/or edited. For action records, Action Security by Type can further restrict specific action types that some users can either view or edit.

    To set this up:
    1. Click Administration > Security
    2. Open an existing Group or click New Group. 
    3. Highlight Action Security by Type.
    4. Mark the checkbox beside Action Security by Type (if unmarked).
    5. Click Options button.
    6. Select the appropriate option for each Action type:
      • When Cannot View is marked, the user has no rights to the Action type.
      • When Cannot Edit is marked, the user can view the Action type but cannot make changes.
      • No selection on a type (leaving both unchecked) means that regular Raiser's Edge security settings will apply.
      • NOTE: If a Raiser's Edge user has more than one security group assigned, Action Section by Type settings will override permissions given in other security groups.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Click Save and Close to save the settings in the Group.
    9. Have users go to File > Exit and Sign out, then log back in for the updates to take effect.