To reissue a receipt with a different receipt stack:

  1. Open the gift that needs a receipt reissued
  2. Change the Receipt field from Receipted to Not Receipted
  3. Change the Receipt Stack field to a valid receipt stack
  4. Change the Receipt field from Not Receipted back to Receipted
  5. From the menu bar, select Gift > Reprint Receipt. This will open the Reprint Receipt window. Note: if the receipt number on the gift is higher than what the starting receipt number should be for the new receipt stack, you must manually change the receipt number on the gift. Otherwise, the next available receipt number for the new receipt stack will be changed, and will skip any receipt numbers below the new starting number. You will receive a prompt indicating so.
  6. In the Receipt Action field, enter the value "reissue"
  7. In the Receipt History Reason, enter the reason for reprinting the receipt
  8. Select the Parameter File you wish to use from Mail, making sure that the one you choose utilizes the desired Receipt Stack
  9. Select the Next Available Receipt Number option
  10. Enter a message for the receipt if needed
  11. Select Print
To reprint a receipt with a different receipt stack:
  1. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Mail, Reprint Receipts
  2. Create a new Reprint Receipts (or open an existing one if you have one)
  3. On the General tab, at the top, choose the appropriate Receipt Type (pre-printed or custom data file) and select the NEW Receipt Stack
  4. Click Include, and select Selected Records to include a query or One Record to include a specific record
  5. In the bottom right corner, change 'Include Gifts with these receipt stacks' to 'Any receipt stack'. This should change the Start receipt no. in the bottom-left corner to the next available number of the new receipt stack
  6. Select any other filters as needed in the Reprint Receipts parameters
  7. If you are creating a custom receipt, click 'Send to Word merge wizard' at the top.
    NOTE: Since Reprint Receipts is a separate part of Mail from Receipts, the receipt template will need to be recreated here
  8. Click Preview (or Merge if doing a custom receipt). This should print a new receipt with the next available receipt number of the new receipt stack
  9. When closing the receipt, click Yes when it asks if you want to update the Receipt information on the gift