1. Select which method to use to enter default transactions:
    1. In Fast!, select Tools, Options from the menu bar.
    2. Select the Fast! tab.
    3. In the Preference, Display first row of datasheet as a default row, change the Setting to Yes or No accordingly
    4. In Enter datasheet defaults, select either:
      • by field with the F2 key: While entering your manual journal entry, press F2 in the fields for which you have created defaults to enter the default value.
      • by row when placing cursor in row: Click in the first field in a manual journal entry to enter all default values for the row.
    5. Apply and then OK.
  2. Enter the default transactions by creating a new Fast! datasheet.
    1. Enter the datasheet defaults on the first line of the batch with the colored background. This information defaults into the rows according to the entry method selected.