• In Records, Students, open the student's record.

    • Select the Activity tab.

    • Click Print Statement in the top left.

    • You will have the option of choosing a saved parameter (one set in Mail) or selecting add new.

    Note: If you choose 'Select' it will print based on the criteria set in the saved parameter. To edit that parameter before printing, choose Open

    The filter's tab will automatically be set "Records in Statement Body" and the record will be listed.

    Note: If printing a statement from a student record, and unapplied payments/credits exist on the payer record, you need to adjust the statement parameter accordingly:

    On the filters tab change records in statement body to include the payer


      • Change the records in statement body to all and filter on the statement recipient (normally the payer).

      • Select the format tab and under Detail change the drop down "When a statement recipient pays for multiple records" from its current setting to "Combine records onto one statement".