Credits needed can be replaced with credits already earned from another course:
  1. In Records, click Students.
  2. Open the appropriate student record.
  3. On the Requirements tab, select the requirement, right-click, and select Substitute. 
  4. The number of credits needed for the requirement appear at the top of the screen.
  5. Mark Substitute [ ] credits of the requirement with the following and enter the number of credits to substitute. 
Note: Your user name appears in the Substituted by field. You cannot edit this.
  1. In the Substitute With column, enter the courses to use as substitution.
  2. Click the binoculars to search for and select a course.
Note: To qualify as a substitution, the student must have been awarded credit for the course.
  1. In the Credits column, enter the number of credits to substitute. If the number you entered above in Substitute [ ] credits of the requirement with the following is less than the total of credits you enter in the Credits column, the order of the courses in the grid determines how the credits are earned.
For example: Selecting to substitute four credits, but adding two courses in the grid worth three credits each, will cause the three credits from the first course in the grid to be substituted, but only one from the second.
  1. In the Substitute For column, enter the course that the substituted credits will replace.
  2. Mark the Use in Other Requirements checkbox, if appropriate.
  3. In the Comments field, you can explain why you are substituting the requirement.
  4. To substitute the requirement and return to the Requirements tab, click OK.