By default, Microsoft Excel strips leading zeroes when working with text files. For more information on this, please refer to How to prevent leading zeros from being dropped in Excel. An import can be used to correct any ZIP Code fields missing a leading zero:

1.  Create a constituent query to find the desired records. The following query will look at all constituent addresses on the Address tab to correct them:
  • Criteria tab: Go to Addresses > All Addresses > ZIP. Select this field four times creating the following criteria:

ZIP like ????
OR ZIP like ???
OR ZIP like ??
OR ZIP like ?

  • Save and close the Query.
2. Create a constituent address import file in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.
  • General tab:
    • Mark Create Import File.
    • Click Include > Selected records and search for the query to attach to the Import.
    • Mark Include selected fields in the import file.
    • Click ... to name the data file and select its destination.
  • Fields tab: Select the following fields:
Address > Address Import ID
Address > Constituent Import ID
Address > ZIP

NOTE: The three fields above are required. However, add any other fields that would help you determine the appropriate ZIP code for the address when reviewing the data in Excel.


3. In Excel, open the CSV file.

4. Format the ZIP column in Zip Code format.

5. Save and close the CSV file. (NOTE: Do not reopen the file once the formatting is completed, or you'll have to do the formatting again. It is the opening in Excel to view the data that drops the leading zero.)

6. Use the CSV file to update the addresses with a constituent address import.