1. In Administration, select Set up System Security.
    2. Open the affected group.
    3. Highlight Accounts Payable under System Components.
    4. Highlight and mark the Administration checkbox under Accounts Payable Privileges.
    5. Select the Options button.
    6. Mark the Post checkbox.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Click Save and Close.

    Note: If the user is still unable to post adjustments after completing above steps, check their settings for the below options

    1. Administration > Set up System Security
    2. Open the desired group
    3. Highlight General Ledger under System Components
    4. Highlight and mark the Journal Entry box under General Ledger Privileges
    5. Select Options button
    6. Highlight and mark the Regular button under Batch types
    7. Mark the Edit a batch box under Batch Privliges
    8. Click OK > Save and Close