Primary contacts are the points of contact your organization designates for Blackbaud to provide critical issue communications about your software. Primary contacts also have additional rights on

Your organization's primary contacts are listed in the Organization Information section (my blackbaud > Click the primary, billing, or shipping address). If you are a primary contact, you will not see your name listed; instead you will have the option to update your organization's address.
  • To request the role of a primary contact at your organization, use the Manage Roles option in your profile. You will receive an email notifying you if your organization's site administrator has approved or denied your request.
  • If the primary contact role should be removed from a user, ask one of your organization's site administrators to remove it.
  • If your organization doesn't have a site administrator, refer to How to give a user rights to become a site administrator. For your security, your organization is responsible for designating and controlling which users become primary contacts and site administrators.