For AP Transactions
    1. In Administration, click Post.
    2. Open the Post Parameter.
    3. Select the Filters tab and change the Filter payments by bank drop-down menu from All to Selected. 
    4. Select the desired bank.
    5. Specify any other applicable transaction filters.
    6. Click Validate to confirm the correct transactions are posting.
    7. Click Post.
    For Bank Adjustments:
    1. In Banks, Post Adjustments to General Ledger
    2. On the Filters Tab, select the date range for the Adjustment
    3. Change the filter for Bank Adjustments from All to Selected
    4. Click the Radio button for Query
    5. Click the binoculars in the Query Field to locate a Bank Adjustment Query.
    6. If a Query does not exist for the Bank Account, click Add a New Query
    7. On the Criteria Tab select Adjustment and double click Bank Account ID
    8. Set the Operator to equal and fill in the Bank Account ID from the Banks Page
    9. Save the Query and click ok when the Query is showing in the search box
    10. Validate and Post