1. In Configuration, Academic Years, open the appropriate Academic Year
  2. Open each session, select the Terms tab and note the dates - focusing on any gaps between the terms
  3. Make adjustments to these dates on the Terms tab to include all school dates
  4. Repeat these steps for each session to make sure all school dates are included in a session and term


  1. In Records, open the student
  2. Select the Conduct tab
  3. In the Academic Year field, select All Years
  4. In the Schools field, select All Schools
  5. Open the conduct entry and change the date on the conduct entry to within the academic year or change the school to the correct school.
  6. All conduct entries display.

  1. In Records, select the student
  2. Select the Conduct tab
  3. Select the appropriate Academic Year
  4. Select the appropriate term during which the conduct entry occurred