To print a corrected 1099 after you have already printed or efiled a final copy:

Prior to version 7.87:
  1. In Mail, Forms, open the 1099 form parameter.
  2. On the General tab, mark the Corrected Return checkbox.  
  3. Proceed with processing the 1099 form and print.

Version 7.87 and above:
  1. In Mail, Forms, open the 1099 form parameter.
  2. From the General Tab, choose the appropriate year and click Display Report
  3. At the 1099 History File Options screen, mark the option to "Correct Completed 1099s"
  4. Click Next
  5. In the “Correction Options” window, answer whether forms have been sent to the IRS.

    NOTE: This Yes or No option directly affects whether the “corrected” box is marked on the newly printed 1099s -

    If “Yes” is marked, corrected 1099s will populate.  If “No” is marked 1099s with newly updated information will populate.

  • Make any changes or additions as needed to the 1099 Grid.

    NOTE: If eFiling was utilized originally, only recipients that are changed will be submitted for processing. Review Aatrix's Corrections section in their More Information document for more information.

  • Choose Next Step and follow the next prompts
  • Print the 1099s for the Vendors that were corrected

    *If forms were originally eFiled, the next step that comes up after printing will be the Aatrix eFiling screen.