You can save time by using the ask operator in one query, instead of creating several queries with the same filters but different values. The ask operator allows you to postpone the selection of specific values for your query filters until the time you actually run the query or use it in another area of the program. 

For example, you need to hand out a letter for your Annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon during English, which meets during every period of the day.
You can use the ask operator in one query to easily run the letters without creating a separate query for each English class. Here's how:  

  1. Create a new student query.
  2. On the Criteria tab, select:
    Schedule, Academic Year equals 2006-2007

    AND Schedule, Courses, Course Name equals English 101

    AND Schedule, Meetings, Period <Ask>.
  3. Save and close the query. 

Include this query on the Filters tab in your luncheon letter export. After creating the letter through the Mail Merge Wizard, click Merge Now to generate the letters. In the Runtime Wizard enter the following:

  1. Select the query operator and period. For example, select the operator Equals and Period One to run the mailing for students with English in first period.

    Ask at Runtime Screen Step 1

  2. Click Next to review the criteria of your query.
  3. Click Run Query to continue processing the letters.
  4. Run the letters again, selecting a different period in the runtime prompts.  

You can also use this query in mailings, export, and other reports.