If you have the optional module Graduation Requirement Management, the Requirements tab appears on student records


  1. Important notes
    • The order in which requirements appear depend on the order they are defined in Configuration. If you want to change the order, you need to edit the diploma.
    • Requirements cannot be edited from the student record. However, you can waive, substitute, and exempt requirements for a student.
    • Once a diploma is associated with a student, it cannot be changed without deleting all substitutions, waives, and exemptions.
  2. Progress information is automatically updated by the program.
  3. Green checkmarks, red Xs, and yellow caution signs indicate the student's progress on each requirement.



  4. Associate the diploma with the student
    • In Records - Students, open the appropriate student record and select the Requirements tab
    • Select the diploma in the Diploma field. The date range on the diploma appears in the Valid for field. The requirements appear below.



    • To view a student's progress

      On the Requirements tab, you can review the progress students are making on their diploma requirements:


      1. In a student record, select the Requirements tab.
      2. The requirements appear as:
        • Complete ? Green checkmarks appear beside requirements that are complete, meaning the student has received credit in all the courses necessary for the requirement and someone approved the declaration.
        • Incomplete ? Red Xs appear beside incomplete requirements.

          Note: If the student has not requested, is not enrolled in, or has not taken the number of courses needed to complete a requirement, the number of credits needed is listed. For example, Need 3.00 credits of TRIG - Trigonometry.
        • Planned ? Yellow caution signs appear beside requirements that are planned, meaning the student has requested a course to complete the requirement, or in progress, meaning the student is currently enrolled in a course meeting the requirement.
      3. Under each requirement, you can view the courses taken, planned, or in progress (including the academic year and session), or view the courses needing to be taken. Grades and credits earned appear beside the course.