Try the steps in the following order

1. Verify Scheduling Information Is Defined

  1. Define Scheduling information for the Academic Year

2. Verify the Course Is Listed

  1. Configuration > NetClassroom Registration Setup
  2. Open the preferred Registration Year
  3. Open the preferred group
  4. Verify the course is listed
    • If its in a query, recreate the query
    • If the course is filtered on, remove it from the filter and then readd it

3 .Verify the Student Is Included in the Query
  1. Go to Registrar's Office > Configuration > NetClassroom

  2. Select Registration Setup.

  3. Open the desired Academic Year.
  4. In the window that appears, select and open the correct group.
  5. Choose the correct query for 'Students that are restricted to the following courses' by clicking on the binoculars.


4. Temporarily Turn Off Registration

  1. Go to Registrar's Office > Configuration > Net Classroom.
  2. Click Features.
  3. Unmark Registration.
  4. Click Customize (or any other option besides features).
  5. Click Features.
  6. Remark Registration.

5. Recreate the registration group

      1. Go to Configuration> Net Classroom
      2. Select Registration Setup
      3. Select the Academic Year that has the course missing in it
      4. Delete the group that is missing the course
      5. Recreate the group again

6. Restart IIS

  1. Restart IIS on the NetClassroom server