This usually occurs when there is a data type mismatch or logic error in the formula. To locate the exact position where the error is being generated, click OK to the message. The cursor should show where the issue is occurring. Usually it is right before the flashing cursor. Here is a non exhaustive list of areas to check:
  1. Check for missing or extra parenthesis ()
  2. Check for missing semi-colons ; at end of If-Then statements
  3. Check for proper concatenation of string fields
    Example:{YourDataSource.Field1} & " " & {YourDataSource.Field2})
  4. Check for the word "end" after Select-Case statements. In Crystal 8.5, "end" is required at the end of this statement but in Crystal XI it will display this error if "end" exists. Simply end the Select-Case statement with a semi-colon.