• Review considerations prior to importing the AddressFinder update
    • Open the Data Health Center
    • In the Update Data column for AddressFinder, click the Manual Data Return link (underneath Awaiting Update Results in the Update Data column) . A new window with the following message will display:  "This feature should only be used if you have received instructions from Blackbaud indicating there was an issue with the normal return process and the file has been transferred to your organization using a different method.  To work with this file, click OK."
      NOTE: The file received will be a ZIPPED file.  It should remain ZIPPED, please do not UNZIP the file.  If you have unzipped the file, please zip the file again.  You can place the TXT file on your desktop, right click on the file and choose Send To>Compressed (Zipped) File and name the zipped file.  Use this for your Address Finder Manual Data Return File.
    • Click OK
    • Click the ellipses button, and browse to the location of the zip file that was returned by Blackbaud
    • Click Accept
    • Run the Updated Address Report (optional but recommended)
    • Update Data