Important notes
  • If you add or delete requirements, update the credits or courses of the requirements, or change the valid dates for the diploma after it is assigned to a student, student requirements are recalculated 
  • On the Requirements tab of a student record in Records - Students, you can waive, substitute, and exempt requirements 
  • In NetClassroom, parents and students can review students' progress towards requirements 
  • In Faculty Access for the Web, advisors and administrators can review students' progress towards requirements
How to add a diploma
  1. Review How to plan the requirements for a diploma 
  2. In Configuration - Registrar Setup, select Diplomas 
  3. Click New Diploma on the action bar 
  4. Enter the diploma name and description. Examples of diploma names include General, College Prep, Honors College Prep, and Technical/Vocational. 
  5. In the Valid from [ ] to [ ] fields, enter the dates for which the diploma is valid
    Note: You are not required to enter a date range for the diploma. However, but entering date ranges can help you maintain separate sets of requirements when requirements change.  
  6. If there is a minimum number of credits a student must earn to achieve the diploma, mark Minimum number of credits needed. In the field, enter the number of credits.
    Note: To be counted toward the minimum number of credits need, a credit must satisfy a requirement. 
  7. In the Number of credits earned at this institution field, enter the minimum number of credits that must be taken at your school; that is, they cannot be earned at other schools. 
To add a requirement for the diploma,
  1. Click New Requirement on the action bar. 
  2. Select the requirement type and enter the requirement name. 
  3. In the Credits Needed From [ ] to [ ] fields, enter the number of credits required to complete the requirement.
  4. To specify the degree requirement as a general elective, mark General elective requirement?.  When you exempt a requirement, you have to make up those exempted credits. Only requirements marked as general electives will be used when the system compares “Credits required from” and “Credits required to” and determines where to add the exempted credits.
  5. In the Specify using field, you can select Department/Course Type or Courses. 
  6. In the Process requirement as # [ ] compared to other requirements for this diploma, enter a number to indicate the order in which the requirements are processed within a diploma when determining which
    requirement a course should fulfill for a student when a course could fulfill more than one requirement. The next lowest number appears by default. 
  7. If you selected Courses in the Specify using field, the courses grid is enabled for you to enter the specific courses that can meet the requirement. 
  8. In the Can Satisfy column for each course, indicate which requirements the course can meet. Select All, Only this requirement, Only requirements outside this Diploma, or Only requirements inside this
  9. To save the requirement and return to the diploma screen, click OK.
    Note: Use the Up and Down buttons to put the requirements in the order they will appear on student records 
  10. Click Save and Close