The post office changed its Move Update Standard on November 23, 2008. Please refer to BB455852 for more information.

Before actually updating your addresses, we recommend you run the Updated Address Report, which lists what changes were made and why.

This step is important, especially if it is your first time using the AddressFinder service. In addition to viewing what constituents moved, you can also see the formatting of the new addresses. Because users do not have to log out of The Raiser's Edge when running the report (only when updating), you can run the report several times to test how addresses will be changed depending on what options you select on the Address Format tab.

Note: If you run the report after updating the addresses, the Current Address and the Updated Address will be the same because the Current Address data is pulled directly from the records. Restoring from a backup would be the only option to run this report correctly if the addresses have already been updated.


  1. In the Data Health Center on the AddressFinder row, click Updated Address Report. The Update Address Report screen appears. If the Updated Address Report link is not available in the AddressFinder row, click on Download Update Results.
  2. Select the appropriate options on each tab:
    • General tab:
      1. In the Report Options frame, select the option to Print or Preview the Updated Address Report. We suggest to Preview, since this report can be very lengthy. 
        • Select Preview to export the report and save it on your machine.
          • Note: The Updated Address Report can be Exported by previewing the report and then clicking the White Envelope with a Red Arrow icon once the report appears. 
        • Selecting Print automatically sends the completed report to the printer.
      2. To create a static constituent query containing the names of the constituents whose addresses could not be certified by Blackbaud, mark the Create exception query checkbox.
      3. If you only want to include the addresses of constituents that have moved (addresses where NCOA information was found), mark the Update only addresses with NCOA address changes checkbox. If you leave this option unmarked, it will validate all addresses, standardizing them to the USPS preferred format, and will update any records that have NCOA change information.
    • Address Format tab:
      1. Choose the appropriate Address Lines Format. The possible formats are:
        • Delivery Address Line and secondary address information on the same line.
        • Secondary address information on the line immediately above the Delivery Address Line.
        • Secondary address information on the line immediately below the Delivery Address Line.
      2. Mark Retain 'care of' and 'attention' information from the second line of the original address if appropriate. Note: If the second line of the originally submitted address begins with 'care of', 'c/o', or 'attn', and you've selected this option, that line will be retained and appended as the last line of the updated address.
    • Summary tab: The Summary tab displays the criteria selected for the report. Review this to confirm that the report is set up correctly.
  3. Click Create Report.
    Note: This report may take some time depending on the size of your database and the speed of your machine and network. Refer to BB161716 for more information.
  4. Because the Updated Address Report is usually very long, we recommend that you export the report to Microsoft Word for future reference.